Polly Banks

Originally from Yorkshire but grew up in Brighton, Polly spent most of her teenage years enjoying the artsy culture of the city. After studying fashion, Polly went on to work with cutting edge fashion labels such as Passenger, Chipie, Stussy and A Bathing Ape. A move into styling took Polly to The Face magazine where she developed her current career styling and collaborating with some of the UK’s most interesting creatives and leading photographers - Elaine Constantine, Ewan Spencer, Claire Shilland, Martin Parr to name a few.

Polly's images are inspired by her childhood, family photographs and youth cults. Her work has been featured in the Victoria and Albert museum’s exhibition, 'Imperfect Beauty' and the accompany book. Other exhibitions include 'Tokyo Jam' at the Barbican, The Shoreditch Biennale and the British Fashion Councils 'Look at Me' exhibition and book.

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