John Bently at Circus

     John Bently has been making art in book form under the imprint Liver & Lights since 1983. With 49 volumes so far, each subsequent publication is different from its predecessor in shape, size, and intent. Beginning as a crazed expressionist anti-Thatcherite manifesto, Bently's books have evolved into all manner of things, often the remaining archaeological evidence of a whole world of other activities, from exhibitions and performances to eccentric notions and community projects.

     Bently's work has been a Circus bestseller since our opening in 2010. There is great beauty in his small volumes of poetry; his Missing Tree and Mendwing Bird are reflections on love; and his publication entitled The Poetry of Lost Things is the story of a collection of discarded notes from a West London High Street. For Circus, Bently has developed a new series called English Road Movies, in which each hand-bound book details a London bus journey. The collection is housed in a painted London bus, destination: Circus.