Lisa Ruyter

Lisa Ruyter's paintings radiate a distant technical objectivity, despite having been painted with a brush, or, in the case of her editioned woodcuts, cut and printed manually.

This can be attributed to her artistic process, fusing new media and technologies with traditional drawing, painting and printmaking techniques. The work always begins with one of Ruyter's photographs, which is transferred onto a surface and resolved into a line drawing.

The subject is reduced to a few colour zones and the delineated areas are shaded with artificial hues that bear little or no relationship with the represented scenes. The result, a semi-abstracted, two-dimensional rendering of the subjects, proudly displays its own photographic lineage, while complying with the perceptive constructions brought upon us by the digital age.

Recent exhibitions include the Macedonian Museum for Contemporary Art, Athens; Museum der Moderne Salzburg; Kunsthalle Krems; Kunstbuero, Vienna; Kunsthaus Graz; Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg and the Museum of Modern Art, Ibaraki Japan.