Minus Sun at Circus

Minus Sun is a London based fashion and art label by the girl who hates the sun, Yuka Maeda. The collections revolve around a story with a dark narrative which is naive, erotic, and sensuous, featuring the girl of my dreams. All the patient handiwork is a reflection of the feelings I have for her. The clothing is made for each of the 10 characters from the story book to suit each individual personality. The pieces are not only handmade but crafted with the greatest care and attention to the tiniest details. The use of cotton and linen fabrics represents innocence within the nostalgic silhouettes with sensuous stitched details and trimmings. Fetishistic accessories complete the ambiguous look of "the girl." Her innocence is her seduction. The items may not call for attention without a close look but they are made to be eyed and touched. Making things gives me the pleasure of visualising my dream girl and dressing her as I want. I invite you into my fantasy. I will dress you and undress you.