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Jean-Michel Basquiat - Cassius Clay, 1982  (Watercolour Paper)

Jean-Michel Basquiat - Cassius Clay, 1982 (Watercolour Paper)

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Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960-1988) was a New York born graffiti artist who radicalised the international art scene in the 80s. He famously worked alongside like-minded artists Andy Warhol and Keith Haring. Basquiat’s bold, Neo-Expressionist style is mixed with street poetry and pop references. Thanks to the popularity of his work, the graffiti sub-culture became a critically embraced art form and found exposure in fine art galleries. With exclusive rights from the Basquiat estate, King & McGaw has produced his rare, valuable works as art prints for the first time in Europe.


Printed on Monte Carlo 300gsm watercolour paper.
This premium paper made on a traditional cylinder mould machine by St Cuthbert’s Mill in Somerset  have been making fine papers on the same site since the 1700’s. The only commercial paper mill in England to still use this paper-making process.  A specialist coater adds an ink receptive coating layer, allowing us to print perfectly to conservation standards.
paper size 99 x 100cm
The image area measures 79 × 80 cm and comes with a small border.