Luncheon in the Grass by Eduardo Manet (1863) (SOLD OUT)

All lithographs from "Pablo Picasso 'Les Dejeuners' 1963 by Thames and Hudson

Picasso's 27 paintings and 140 drawings of Manets Luncheon in the Grass are of an entirely different kind: he takes Manet's composition as a sort of springboard for his own imagination, which carries him into new directions. 

In the course of this series of work Picasso is often straying far from his starting point, then coming back to it again, and inventing ever new variations on the theme. To Picasso, Manet's painting - like anything in art or nature - is a theme. 
 Picasso retransforms the model into an Arcadian scene: instead of juxtaposing nude and clothed figures, we have here an idyl with four nude figures, shown near a pond in the subdued green light of the foliage. This brings to mind the themes of the Bather, and Figures on the Beach, which turn up so often in Picasso's works. But, via Manet, a new background has been added to these themes - the dimension of mythology - and the link with nineteenth-century painting has deepened the relationship between the figures.


Lithographs from 

Double sided

Good Condition


38cm x 27cm (paper size)

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