Milk Tooth LDN Ascension statement earrings

Your path to a dangly earring that will excite and enthrall. 

These super lightweight earrings form an abstract UFO shape filled with shimmering navy and deep green enamel, linking to a connection of chains holding deep green spherical bolders. 

Named Ascension, the design symbolises the ladder to enlightenment. Accompanied by a beautiful Tarot style card designed in collaboration with German artist Max Loffler, the earrings indicate many steps ahead on a path that is ultimately leading to the right goal. They will help you remain focused and keep progressing on.

The earrings are 18ct gold-plated and sized 3.5cm wide by 6.5cm long. The jewellery is nickel free and safe for allergies. They will arrive beautifully packaged, ready to present as a gift or treasure yourself.