The ultimate earring choice for a stylish and badass dangly like no other.

The earrings are 2.5cm at their widest point and 9cm from tip to toe, hanging just below the chin to enable pleasing movement, with three link points and a delicate chain. The earrings are super light, made up of a shimmering plastic cylinder linking to a dainty metal dagger with enameled beatle detail, all held by a reassuringly sturdy flare shaped stud. 

Named Precipise, the design symbolises the encircling responsibility of choice. Accompanied by a beautiful Tarot style card designed in collaboration with German artist Max Loffler, the earrings indicate an inner questioning of our current reality and will heed trust in your own instincts.

All metal elements are 18ct gold-plated and the jewellery is nickle free and safe for allergies. They will arrive beautifully packaged, ready to present as a gift or treasure yourself.